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Pick Master Locksmiths a local independent family run company committed to providing a competitively priced and reliable service in east anglia.

Our locksmiths are experienced in serving all market sectors and providing a high quality personal service to a wide range of customers. They are skilled in repairing, replacing or first installation of all the leading brand names such as Yale, Union, Chubb, Legge etc.


As part of our commitment to high standards, our Locksmiths follow a Code of Conduct which ensures every customer gets a courteous and highly trained locksmith. Each locksmith will arrive within a mutually agreed appointment time in full branded uniforms and will present an ID badge upon introduction.
Business and domestic customers can be sure that the service they receive will always be competitively priced and be of the highest standard with new locks guaranteed for a period of 12 months.


An opportunist burglar can easily gain entry to your home within 60 seconds; many locks offer little security and are no longer a deterrent for today’s burglars!

To help safe guard your home or office you can review the following steps…


Replace your locks when moving into a new home 

– This safeguards against the possibility of previous key holder’s i.e. Builders, Friends, Neighbours gaining access to your home.


Upgrade your Locks to British Standard Approved

– This level of security is recommended by the Police and specified by most Insurance Companies.


Change old, broken or faulty locks

– They could jam at an inconvenient time resulting in you becoming locked out.


Identity Theft

– Burglars don’t just want your possessions they want your important documents so they can obtain cash from your bank and credit cards.

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